Retailer to Extensively Expand Product Assortment and Enhance Customer Experience with Rithum Drop Ship Platform

Hertford, UK —Office Depot Europe, a leading retailer of workspace solutions, has selected Rithum, a distributed commerce network specialising in drop-ship technology—to help expand its product assortment and create a more efficient supply chain in the UK and Europe.

“With customers demanding an increasingly self-serve experience, Office Depot Europe recognised the need to become more ecommerce-centered,” said Philip Hall, Managing Director Europe, Rithum.
“To make this shift and provide the best possible experience for customers, they needed a larger, more customised assortment that expanded beyond the inventory held in their own warehouses, and Rithum provides a robust and reliable drop ship platform to do just that.”

“Rithum provides us with a highly scalable solution that enables us to orchestrate our ecommerce processes better,” said Matt Steell, Director of Information and Integration, Office Depot. “We can now broaden our assortment without impacting our supply chain or incurring massive capital expenses to increase inventory and warehouse space because of our improved integration with our suppliers.”

Steell added, “Rithum’s platform gives us the ability and flexibility to manage and control a growing network of drop ship suppliers according to our specific business processes, and offers highly sophisticated exception-based management so that we can offer our customers a consistent experience. Our customers will also see no change in delivery promises, customer service or returns, which was a big bonus for us.”

“We are looking forward to working closely with Office Depot Europe to help them provide an even better ecommerce customer experience that meets customer expectations and improves supply chain efficiencies across their European operations,” said Frank Poore, Founder and CEO, Rithum.

About Rithum

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Office Depot Europe Media Contact:

Roos Hunsche