Selling on e-commerce marketplaces can seem so simple at the outset. You create an account, upload product data and start selling. Sounds easy enough, right?

Then the errors start to roll in. An outdated quantity here, a too-long word count there; these and other inaccuracies can quickly add up to big problems.

That’s why the e-commerce experts at Rithum advise all online sellers to make marketplace errors a top priority.

Of course, we understand that this process can be overwhelming at first — especially if you have a lot of errors to address. To help, we’ve pulled together three starter strategies you can use to make it a little more manageable.

1. Break it down

If you suddenly find yourself staring at a screen filled with thousands of marketplace errors, don’t panic. Even the most established brands and retailers face this problem at some point.

Instead, look for ways to segment those errors and make them more digestible. For example, in the Rithum platform sellers can group together errors by type. By using this approach, you can see if you have a large quantity of items that are being impacted by the same error — or just a handful that can be addressed quickly.

Depending on the marketplace and the tools you use, you may have different viewing options. Look for ways to segment and divide out errors in ways that will make it easier to decide what needs to be addressed first.

2. Create a priority list

Once you’ve organized your errors based on similarities, look for the biggest issues and put them at the top of your priority list. Then start by tackling those errors first.

Common issues involve quantity updates that aren’t going through, products that are displayed at the wrong prices and items that are appearing in the wrong categories.

Try to identify which ones will be easiest to fix and address those first. For example, if you can use a template to correct an error that’s impacting multiple SKUs, make that your first priority. Then, as you begin to tackle errors at the SKU level, focus first on your best sellers to minimize the overall impact on sales and revenue.

3. Look for ways to streamline

Are you using any third-party tools to manage your marketplace presence? You may be able to find specialized features that allow you to streamline the process of finding and fixing listing errors.

If you have access to business rules, for instance, you’ll be able to automate common fixes to errors affecting multiple SKUs — whether that means removing invalid characters or limiting fields to each marketplace’s allowed number of characters.

Looking for more ways to simplify the process of fixing marketplace errors?

We have plenty! Rithum’s e-commerce platform is filled with tools you can use to find and fix marketplace errors quickly. Our users frequently rely on features such as business rules, lookup lists and preview templates to ensure marketplace listings are error-free and ready to capture as many conversions as possible.

See what more you can do with a platform designed to streamline across multiple marketplaces in our marketplace errors guide for advanced users.