The year 2020 has certainly brought about its fair share of transitions and changes for the e-commerce industry. Yet even in the midst of so much uncertainty, the benefits of Amazon Prime Day are still very much alive.

For brands and retailers prepared to take full advantage of Prime Day opportunities, this annual shopping holiday can be a goldmine of sales and revenue. As successful brands and retailers can attest, it’s an excellent time to overcome obstacles and aim for new sales records. 

Here’s how two Rithum customers have done just that. (Download the PDF version.

Improving Listings for a Big Boost in Sales

The obstacle: For this branded manufacturer of educational toys and classroom essentials, Amazon was just one of many marketplaces to manage. The company told Rithum it needed a way to optimize listings across numerous channels — and to make sure product details were Prime Day ready. 

The solution: Since leaning on Rithum to manage listings, the brand says its online presence has grown significantly. When it came time to prepare for Prime Day sales, the benefits were especially big.

The results: Prime Day sales increased 68% year-over-year, this brand reports.

Streamlining systems for 100% growth

“Rithum has helped us expand our business and keeps us informed with the ever-evolving e-commerce industry.”  —Director of E-Commerce at a multi-brand shoe retailer

The obstacle: As a company that relies heavily on third-party marketplaces, this multi-brand shoe retailer needed a way to optimize listings, sync inventory, manage orders, and maintain fast shipping — all while enhancing its presence on Amazon.

The solution: After turning to Rithum to manage all products in one dashboard, the e-commerce team said it was able to easily test new Amazon strategies. By the time Prime Day rolled around, the company reports that it had a new fulfillment method and optimized product content firmly in place.

The results:  This company says that Prime Day was its second-highest day of the year for Amazon sales. Sales increased 100% compared to the year before.

The Exciting Potential of Prime Day

Why prioritize Prime Day 2020? At a time when consumers are exceedingly eager to find good deals on great products, the opportunities are likely to be remarkably high. And if last year’s results are any indication of what’s to come, opportunities will abound.

  • Amazon Prime members purchased 75% more items than they did just a year before
  • $2 billion of sales were driven by small- and medium-sized brands and retailers
  • Sellers that advertised experienced 50% higher YoY growth rates than those that didn’t

Looking to achieve similar results?

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