Drop shipping is a proven way to safeguard your business and meet the evolving and future demands of consumers. To ensure it is successful, working with a strategic partner with in-depth expertise can save millions of dollars in investment and greatly enhance your customer experience by giving customers more choice and convenience.  

Successful drop-ship programs often thrive or fail based on one simple factor—the supplier onboarding process. Retailers often underestimate the coordination that is involved in qualifying and adding a supplier and their product catalog to their drop-ship network. Rithum has experience working with the world’s largest retailers to perfect this process so that retailers can reap the benefits of more products in their catalog faster. This is increasingly more important in our current retail environment as it helps to counteract bottlenecks and disruptions that may arise in the supply chain by giving retailers a more distributed, digital inventory network.  

By applying our best practices and proven methodology, we’ve helped retailers realize significant ROI from their drop-ship program and it all starts with how we manage the supplier integration process. 

Streamline onboarding of suppliers 

Onboarding suppliers to a drop-ship program can take upwards of three to six months at a time. We have shown that retailers can achieve a 66% reduction in the speed of onboarding suppliers when they rely on our dedicated team and platform. This approach has resulted in retailers and brands being able to add hundreds of products faster and accelerate revenue growth. We handle the supplier vetting, launching, and integration of file exchange information so that retailers can focus on gaining faster access to more products to increase their customer reach.  

Observe supplier performance 

We provide greater visibility into supplier performance to ensure suppliers meet your expectations. By connecting with suppliers through our integrated and centralized system, retailers can receive reliableup-to-date information about product listings and delivery times and ensure suppliers are held accountable. 

Keep the customer experience intact  

Retailers often worry about poor performance from integrated suppliers resulting in negative customer reviews and decreased customer retention. Drop-ship programs, when executed correctly, can improve the customer experience. Positive experiences often increase customer retention and average order value. Retailers can trust brands and distributors across our network to deliver a great customer experience that’s delivered on-time and on-brand 

With Rithum, retailers are able to quickly scale their digital supply chain, streamline supplier relationships, improve operational efficiency, provide a better customer experience, and increase ecommerce sales growth. 

Find out how four large retailers made drop ship a success with the Rithum platform. Download the Forrester Total Impact™ Study here.