Congrats! You’ve successfully connected your brand to a marketplace. So, now it’s time to sit back and watch the sales increase, right? Not exactly. To succeed on marketplaces, brands and retailers need to invest the time and effort to create compelling content—product descriptions—that convince buyers to make a purchase. That sounds easy enough, but it’s more than including some basic bullet points. And here’s why: Nearly 79% of consumers don’t read full product listings when shopping online — making effective imagery and videos critical for successful selling on marketplace channels. 

How to create more effective product content 

First, it’s important to keep in mind that marketplaces and retailers have basic requirements for the types of data they need from brands and suppliers operating on their channel. Before listing any products, familiarize yourself with what a product description must, and must not, include for that particular marketplace.  A good product listing isn’t just providing context to shoppers, it’s also a key component of the algorithms that drive search on many of those channels. It’s not just a description with a couple of feature bullets, but a keyword-rich title, description AND feature bullets. Identify the keywords driving search volume and incorporate them in a way that feels natural. Forced wording is easy to spot! 

When it comes to imagery, it’s important to understand that a “hero image” can’t do all the work. Many marketplaces expect a certain number of images will accompany a product description to help consumers make an informed purchase decision. These images can be alternate product perspectives, unique features, infographics and/or lifestyle images. Sell your product, build your brand and inform your customers through images and video. 

Listed below are recommendations for product content from the top marketplaces: 

Short videos also help a consumer better understand the features and benefits of a product. They’re increasingly more valuable when you consider viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. Our top tip for making a good video: Make sure it clearly explains what the product does. The video needs to help consumers understand it, and see the value of it.  

These are just the basics—there’s a lot more that goes into optimizing product listings and preparing product content that will increase sales. Let us help!   

When you partner with Rithum, we take care of managing your product data. We analyze it to quickly identify gaps both in completeness and quality of product content. This analysis informs our strategy and then we work directly with you to build out content that’s going to resonate and be effective for driving sales on the marketplaces, all while ensuring you’re providing the content those marketplaces are expecting from enterprise-level brands and suppliers. Contact us to learn more. 

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