Like the packaging of an item in a retail store, product images have a big effect on purchasing decisions when shopping online. In fact, over 75% of ecommerce shoppers say product pictures are very influential when they’re deciding whether they want to buy a product online. Once you have increased discoverability to drive traffic to your listing, your images provide the next best opportunity to influence buyers. Providing multiple angles, infographics, and videos of your products provide much needed context to complement descriptions and feature bullets.

What is a quality image?

In addition to getting the right angle and lighting for a good product shot, Amazon has four criteria that they use to determine a quality image as it relates to their marketplace.

  1. No drawings or sketches. Your product should appear front-and-center encompassing at least 80% of the image. →Pro Tip: Ensure your images are at least 1,000 pixels on longest side to enable Amazon’s zoom functionality and add it as a block to break up the text.
  2. Easy-to-understand. Images should be directly related to the product and avoid confusion about what you’re selling with lifestyle photos that do not showcase the product.
  3. Information-rich. This is your opportunity to inform your buyers. Well-produced infographics and other clear visuals detailing product attributes can be interpreted much easier than a text-dense product description.
  4. Quality over quantity. A photograph of packaging in dull lighting on a warehouse floor will not have the same ability to convince someone to buy your product as multiple, studio-quality images and infographics designed to educate buyers about your brand and product.

Amazon is also clear about the kind of images they don’t want sellers to use
on the site:

  • No borders/watermarks/text
  • No inclusion of accessories in the product shot
  • No image placeholders
  • No deal or sale promotion information
  • No use of multiple color variations

You have great images, now what?

Producing high quality images requires resources and expertise. To increase the return on those investments, you can use these images to bolster your brand presence across Amazon. Utilize these assets on your product listings, enhanced brand content, and storefront.

If the fabric used in the manufacturing of your product is at a higher price point due to the fact that it’s higher quality than what competitors offer, help potential buyers overcome price anxiety with a well-designed infographic. Combine the infographic with Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content, which shows your commitment to quality, to create a powerful complement to your product images, feature bullets, and description.

Continue to showcase that commitment to quality on your branded Amazon storefront. Take advantage of the real estate Amazon provides brands to help build a stronger brand presence on their website. Build a storefront that aligns with the aesthetic of your brand while also showcasing top products, promotions, and deals.

Storefronts provide brands with an opportunity to add lifestyle images and video to set you apart from Amazon. Your image assets can now help to convert buyers and build a cohesive brand story across Amazon and your other channels.

Given the potential impact images have on product conversion, having a trusted partner who can continue to build your brand with high quality images and videos is critical. Rithum has the expertise to not only help you create quality product descriptions, we can help you produce and optimize impactful imagery and video descriptions that show your product’s value and drive more conversions. Find out more.