With consumers expected to begin holiday shopping earlier this year and pre-peak demand already accelerating, here are three things you can be doing right now on Walmart Marketplace—one of the fastest growing marketplaces—to drive more demand this peak season.

1. Obtain the Pro Seller Badge

The Pro Seller Badge is Walmart’s certification that your listings meet their quality expectations and your fulfillment capabilities will deliver great customer experiences. These two factors drive other areas of marketplace success, including search relevancy and buy box placement, so make sure you have:

  • Product content keyword optimized and within Walmart’s character count limits
  • Provided as many high-quality images and short videos as possible
  • Required and optionalproduct attributes populated
  • The capabilities and follow through to providea consistent delivery experience

How Rithum can help: We work with our brand customers to optimize at scale, syndicating changes to all the marketplaces on which they operate. We utilize available marketplace data to prioritize listings with the most opportunity and build a catalog of retail ready products so you can begin to build demand quickly.

2. Participate in Flash Picks

Walmart Marketplace recently rebranded Walmart Deals to Flash. Using the new Flash Picks program, brands are able to leverage robust Walmart marketing campaigns and take advantage of a consistent site experience on the Walmart.com homepage.

For an offer to qualify for the program, it must:

  • Have a 3+ star rating
  • Offer best-of-web pricing
  • Provide free 3-day or less shipping
  • Deliver potential revenue that is greater than $2,000

These requirements are aligned with buyer’s expectations for other marketplace offers so there is good potential for revenue growth associated with being able to offer compelling discounts.

How Rithum can help: We work with our brand customers to identify potential opportunities to participate in programs like this one across all the marketplaces we support. Once a brand agrees to participate, we work together to implement pricing and inventory rules to support the deal.

3. Take advantage of Walmart Advertising

To amplify your brand presence on marketplaces, digital advertising is a must. Walmart Advertising provides an effective and proven way to drive demand to a new product, highlight deals and specials, acquire new customers, and protect your brand.Utilizing advertising placements on search, social, and marketplace enables you to maintain a cohesive brand story across channels while accelerating your brand’s growth and creating more demand for your products.  

How Rithum can help: Our advertising specialists design targeted, multi-channel campaigns that fit your budget and meet your performance metrics while focusing on the strategies that align to your goals.  

→Pro Tip: While we’ve focused on how to grow your brand on Walmart Marketplace, the steps we outlined above can be applied to maximize your success across any marketplace or ecommerce channel. 

We’d love to help you grow your brand presence and make this peak season a success. Contact us.