Machine Learning (ML), the process of applying predictive modeling to seed a supply chain or strengthen customer relationships, is considered a key technology for ecommerce success. As customers gravitate to retailers and brands that can offer personalized experiences, ML will play a vital role. ML uses computer algorithms to find data trends. Armed with information about products, customers and purchase history, machine learning technologies can predict based on trends. 

Applying ML to massive datasets can help better predict product assortment patterns and ultimately, help customers find exactly what they are looking for. This kind of sophisticated, data-driven approach can significantly improve the customer experience by increasing engagement through more interactions during the product discovery phase of the customer journey and can positively impact conversion rates. 

An estimated 35% of Amazon’s sales comes from machine learning-driven product recommendations that are tailored to each shopper. Customers see the value in sharing their data if personalization is the outcome. This also helps to make the experience more convenient for the shopper. They aren’t wasting time sifting through endless item recommendations rather they’re being recommended products based on their purchase history and preferences. Offering this level of personalization makes it more likely for a shopper to buy again from a retailer or brand that personalizes their digital shopping experience. Retailers are trying to connect directly with consumers and make shopping convenient for them and ML technologies can help to ensure this is happening.

Choosing an ecommerce platform that uses Machine Learning can help improve product discovery, enhance curation efforts, streamline item setup and build product catalog listing confidence. With our visibility into the order-processing history of thousands of warehouses operated by drop-ship suppliers, we can provide insights into consumer shopping preferences, product demand and more.

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