Once they’ve cracked that difficult second album, pop and rock artists often start looking ‘across the pond’ for their next success. For many retail businesses that have ‘made it’ in Europe, the US becomes the next market to conquer. According to Statista, the US retail market is the biggest in the world, with sales of over $5 trillion. So, if you’re a brand or retailer in Europe looking to expand its reach to the American consumer market, how do you go about making it happen?

There are two main options, and one is considerably easier than the other. Assuming you have already started down the path to establish a presence in the US, the first step is to try and gain an understanding of the marketplaces and retailers you want to partner with and then go through the application process to become a vendor partner. This could involve months of discussion and lengthy systems integration efforts.

The second, and much more straightforward option, is to partner with Rithum. Our customers include many of the top US retailers— Nordstrom, Macy’s, Best Buy, The Home Depot, DICK’s Sporting Goods— all of the major marketplaces and a network of 15,000 brands and suppliers. We are experts in ecommerce fulfilment, handling millions of transactions on our proven, tested platform and influencing $30 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) annually.

Many of the world’s largest brands, from the US and around the world, rely on our platform to generate demand, fulfil customer orders and facilitate fast delivery for major retailers every day.

How Rithum helps European brands sell more in the US:

  1. We have the integrations in place and know how to make it work with the biggest retailers and marketplaces in the US. We already help many brands, from the US and around the world, sell efficiently with retailers every day and who use our platform to generate demand, fulfil customer orders and facilitate the delivery of them. We can do the same for you and from a small base help you sell online with those retailers and reach a much larger audience.
  1. We help you expand your range with a stockless model but take less of a gamble. Expanding in any new market is always a risk – especially the gamble of where to place stock.  Rithum’s model gives you the advantage of waiting to see where demand is without the guesswork and allows a ’test and learn’ approach to channels and assortment composition to find out what works best.
  1. A single integration to us enables multiple integrations to your customers. We can get your connections set-up up in a matter of weeks. Our platform is the one connection you need to the retail ecosystem in the US. Through our partnerships with 3PL’s we can help you join the dots using existing integrations with their fulfilment systems.  A dedicated account management team will work alongside you to determine the best strategy and approach to launch to get you to market fast.
  1. We can help you get to profitability faster, and with less risk. Because we have existing relationships and are already working closely with the top US retailers, getting set up and started with Rithum is quicker and easier. We provide you with the visibility, insights and performance metrics to more effectively manage shipments and delivery helping you to rapidly scale the number of products being sold.

If you’re a British or European brand wanting to boost your brand presence and sales in the US, we invite you to tap into the extensive depth of our commerce network and powerful capabilities of our platform to increase your customer reach and drive more revenues. To find out how, contact me for a personal conversation: jbroekx@rithum.com.