It’s all about speed.

From launching a new marketplace to same-day doorstep delivery, automotive brands and retailers have a need for speed and, in turn, the support of a reliable and robust e-commerce platform. 

Enter Rithum, a best-in-class solution of choice for so many automotive sellers and vendors looking to engage consumers across global marketplaces. As a proven multichannel management system, Rithum strives to help its customers keep both hands on the wheel of their business, navigating all the sharp twists and unexpected turns in their race toward long-term e-commerce success. Whether aggregating orders from a single dashboard across multiple selling channels to powering sales for maximized profits, Rithum is a trusted partner, a source of speed — and, of course, solutions.

Real Challenges in a Booming Industry

But don’t take our word for it. In a recent customer survey, we’re hearing directly from our automotive and powersports customers in the US, Europe and Australia. Fielded by TechValidate, the survey questions gauged the unique benefits of the Rithum platform for sellers facing real business challenges in a booming industry. The online automotive market is thriving with no sign of slowing down. In 2019, it’s estimated automotive e-commerce will grow to the tune of $12 billion in the US alone1, increasing the need for greater product visibility, efficient order management, the flexibility of scale as well as time and cost-saving efficiencies to help offset the cost of competitive shipping. 

Here’s how one surveyed customer put it:

“Rithum translates our internal database of products onto multiple platforms. Also, Rithum enables us to import and update orders from these multiple platforms to allow us to process orders via our internal system,” the customer wrote, adding that Rithum simplifies the complexities of selling online. “We would recommend Rithum because of how simple the system is to work with.”

Why Automotive Customers Rely on Rithum

Based on the survey’s respondents, automotive brands and retailers are seeing impressive gains in online sales, marketplace management, fitment accuracy, and fulfillment processing.

Here are a few key findings from our recent customer survey:

“Rithum Is the Heart of Our Business”

Customer feedback is invaluable. Each seller’s successes and challenges keep Rithum’s engines roaring and our e-commerce problem-solving going. 

As our customers’ business needs evolve in the rapidly shifting e-commerce landscape, Rithum evolves to power high-quality product content, simplified marketplace expansion and automated delivery of accurate product data to help optimize operations and drive sales. 

“Rithum is the heart of our business,” wrote survey respondent Schad VanLeeuwen, CEO at Speed Addicts. “We use Rithum for catalog management, marketplace and webstore publishing, and fulfillment management. We moved to Rithum from a smaller partner who was unreliable, had frequent outages and was slow to innovate. Rithum is the most robust and reliable multichannel e-commerce platform we’ve seen.”

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