There are a lot of ways you could convince your company to attend Catalyst Americas.

You could focus on the fact that it’s the one place this year where the industry’s biggest influencers will come together.

You could tell your colleagues about the all-star keynote lineup.

You might even let your boss know there’s a 25% discount for groups of three or more.

With all of the excitement around Catalyst Americas, you could gather up a thick digital file folders’ worth of infographics, workshop descriptions, speaker Q&As and past attendee testimonials. But who has the time to do all that? Or to read it, for that matter?

If you’re going to persuade your boss that the time to register for Catalyst Americas is now, you’ll need something that’s much easier to pull together and present. Something that’ll help your colleagues understand in an instant just how much they’ll miss by not making the conference a top priority.

You need a letter that looks like this:

And we can help you create it! All you have to do is take our four-question quiz.

Within the next 30 seconds, we can help you find your Catalyst. Create your own personalized, polished letter one that justifies your trip to Catalyst Americas 2018 and is ready to share with your manager, your manager’s manager, your CEO … and anyone else who needs a little nudge in the right direction.


Here’s how it works:

Head on over to and scroll down until you see the start of an interactive quiz that looks like this:

It’ll take approximately 30 seconds to answer four questions. All you have to do is tell us what your team most wants to learn, who they need to network with and what speakers get them most excited. When you’re done, hit the “Print Keynote Details” button and voila! A printable, ready-to-share PDF will appear.

A word of caution: When answering the questions, you might get a little stuck. Will your boss most want to hear from the Retail Prophet or the UnMarketer? Should you highlight opportunities to learn about the latest trends in marketplaces or the customer experience? We’ve made it so you don’t have to choose. When answering questions, select any and all options you feel will appeal to your team.

Ready to find your Catalyst? Take the quiz now!

Warning: Your customized letter may lead to unusual patterns of excitement or cause extreme reactions like registering an entire team. If this happens, be sure to complete your registration of three or more people in a single transaction to receive your automatic 25% discount.