Latham, NY – June 02, 2022 Comfort, value and style are the three qualities that Deer Stags footwear has built its products and business on for decades. In the early 20th century, Deer Stags pioneered a new kind of construction that made the uncomfortable, stiff dress shoe a thing of the past. Today, all of the brand’s shoes for men and kids, from slippers to sneakers to formal wear, are designed with comfort as the top priority. With an emphasis on offering the best products, quality and service, Deer Stags strives to listen to the consumer in order to evolve styles across its entire footwear line and to stay closer to exactly what types of shoes people want to wear.

Known for a focus on product innovation like memory foam, SUPRO sock technology and vegan-friendly materials, Deer Stags’ extensive range of footwear is sold by dozens of brick-and-mortar and online retailers across the U.S., as well as direct-to-consumer on The company is recognized not only for its quality products, but also for its agile and responsive operations and marketing.

As a third-generation American family business that make shoes for families, Deer Stags has built a brand to last, and is well-positioned to grow the business and reach new customers in a rapidly changing and challenging market. One of the first shoe brands to have its own website, the company has steadily expanded its ecommerce capabilities and leveraged the benefits of an extensive commerce network.

“Our commitment to our customers includes being as close to them as possible, wherever and whenever they might be looking for our brand,” said Danny Muskat, SVP of Strategic Business Development at Deer Stags. “This means being on the shelves and websites of our large retailer partners, as well as our own drop ship and marketplace programs. It’s all about consumer choice and delivering the best possible customer experience. This is what drives us and drives our business.”

Deer Stags began working with Rithum in the early 2000s as it looked to innovate new online routes to market and extend its ability to reach more consumers for an expanding line of products. Rithum software solutions have enabled the company to build a strong drop-ship business in a more unified marketplace. The extensive Rithum network is also helping Deer Stags connect with even more national retailers to enhance its already lengthy roster of retail partners.

“Even with the biggest and best relationships we have, brick-and-mortar stores can only carry a certain amount of our product line, and to ensure we are providing consumers with the most choices wherever and however they choose to shop, we are adopting the most innovative ecommerce solutions built on the most extensive commerce network,” said Muskat. “Rithum shares our customer-first philosophy and understands the importance of branding. And as we begin implementing our own marketplace as another go-to-market channel, this is tremendously important.”

Rithum recently introduced its Commerce Suite, offering both marketplace and drop-ship capabilities in one easy-to-use solution, with a single connection to an integrated commerce network. Now, businesses can avoid the limitations of point products, and instead rely on a comprehensive solution designed to rapidly scale growth. In addition to being able to adapt more quickly to changing consumer demand and market trends, users can also more easily maintain control over their brand and customer experience.

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About Deer Stags

Deer Stags has been synonymous with comfort in men’s dress shoes for close to 100 years. Founded at a time when the notion that men’s shoes hurt and need to be broken in was standard, Deer Stags spearheaded the development of comfortable men’s shoes. Now a third-generation American family business, the company is committed to being a reliable source of footwear for their consumers and retail partners and strives to keep prices affordable without sacrificing quality or comfort. Because Deer Stags believes that life is more fulfilling, more authentic, and quite simply, better when you are comfortable.

About Rithum

Rithum™ is the industry’s most influential and trusted commerce network, helping brands, suppliers, and retailers work together to deliver connected e-commerce experiences. The Rithum platform helps brands and retailers accelerate growth, optimize operations across channels, scale product offerings and enhance margins.

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