Do you remember what e-commerce was like in 2002? Travis Vosika does. Those were the days when he’d open his mailbox to find it bursting with eBay payments — back when online buyers still sent checks in the mail and sellers were painstakingly entering every last listing detail.

There have been a lot of changes since then, and the business has been adapting to them for more than 16 years. So when it comes to fine-tuning strategies for e-commerce growth, the teams at and MN Home Outlet know what it takes.

The teams at both companies have managed to transform a once-small resale experiment into a thriving e-commerce business with nearly 200 employees and $25 million in annual revenue.

How did they do it? Find out in our latest Commerce Cast episode. In this 20-minute interview, Travis shares what he’s discovered to be the real secret to online selling success — and how Rithum automation is helping the company strive toward even bigger goals.

You’ll hear the specific tactics the company has used to expand beyond an initial community of DIYers to grow a large, loyal following and develop profitable business-to-business partnerships. In addition, Travis shares how he plans to reach even bigger goals by:


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