Does your company struggle with e-commerce fulfillment? If so, you’re far from alone. At Rithum, we often hear from online sellers who are having a hard time juggling inventory levels, purchase orders, regional warehousing and more.

It’s a lot to manage. And unfortunately, these are often the issues that get brands and retailers into trouble.

Fact is, fulfillment operations are hugely complex. And the demands are getting more difficult by the day. As a result, many sellers are starting to suffer from poor ratings on Amazon and other marketplaces — the kind that result from too many order cancellations, refunds, late shipments and customer service nightmares.

That’s why we decided to record a deep-dive interview with Sam Robinson, a business analyst here at Rithum. Sam works closely with the e-commerce companies most impacted by fulfillment complexities: wholesalers and drop shippers. In this 18-minute Commerce Cast, he talks about some of the biggest issues facing the segment of sellers — and how to overcome them.

Listen now to hear:

  • Real-life success stories from brands and retailers that overcame complex fulfillment and customer service issues
  • Tips for automating inventory updates, shipment tracking, warehouse data processing and more
  • How using the right technology and tools can lead to substantial gains
  • Advice you can use to make drop shipping more profitable

If you drop ship on e-commerce marketplaces, this is the podcast for you.


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