With the dramatic shift to ecommerce this year, brands need to be doing all they can to build and promote their online business. Amazon has recognized how critical this is for brands to succeed on its marketplace. They’ve launched new tools and have redesigned how they engage with brands on Seller Central.

Here’s how to make the most of these changes and new tools to help you better manage your brand on Amazon.

Now you can find what you need faster

Prior to recent changes, brands operating on Amazon needed to use a separate login to access Brand Registry. The tools available were scattered throughout Seller Central, Help, Brand Registry and Vendor Central (this was the case if you were selling through Amazon retail as well). Now you can find all you need in one place via the Brands tab in Seller Central. All third-party aggregated brand tools appear in the Brand Benefits page of that new tab.

Build a stronger brand presence and create more growth opportunities

  1. Brand Analytics Amazon data about your customers’ shopping habits can provide insights that drive marketing and merchandising strategy. With Brand Analytics, you gain access to aggregated customer search and purchase behavior data. This is useful for determining which competitor products are ultimately purchased after a consumer has viewed your selection. With this information, you can optimize your selection against competitors. You can also identify branded products that are purchased together, enabling you to create virtual bundles to expand your product assortment. Rithum can take it one step further and not only help you identify these opportunities for assortment expansion but list your new bundles across all marketplaces.
  2. A+ Content A+ content (formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content) gives brands the ability to build out more of a brand presence through copy, images and videos. The additional content provides you with an opportunity to differentiate products by highlighting features and characteristics in a more appealing and descriptive way to encourage more conversions and better customer engagement.
  3. Stores Establishing a home for your brand on Amazon’s marketplace can help you more effectively direct advertising traffic, highlight featured products, and aggregate your catalog to enable buyers that find you to browse your storefront. Like A+ content, your storefront provides additional real estate on Amazon to tell your brand story. Lifestyle images and compelling, targeted brand copy can help you create a brand experience that’s representative of how you want your customers to know your brand rather than it being the Amazon experience.
  4. Vine Reviews play a role in search relevancy on Amazon and influence buyers at the time they are making purchase decisions. Amazon has built a tool to help brands grow their review velocity. Please note: The Vine reviews program does require the use of FBA and there is an associated cost, so choosing the right selection to enroll in coupled with a well-executed advertising campaign can maximize the return on investment.

When it comes to building your brand on Amazon, understanding how to leverage their tools can help you maximize your growth potential and build brand loyalty. At Rithum, we help brands optimize these tools and other offerings, including digital advertising programs, to make marketplaces a success for brands and retailers. Contact us to learn more.