Marketers have long known what influencers and sellers are just now discovering: Content is king. Consumers can’t get enough stories, research, pictures, videos, audio and reviews. It entertains them, informs them and (most importantly for brands and retailers) helps them make decisions. 

Amazon knows consumers prefer a broad menu of engaging content too. That’s why they created Amazon A+ Content, a way for vendors and sellers to enhance their content and swiftly capture the Buy Box. 

Does your Amazon content make the grade? Perhaps it’s time to increase your search ranking, conversion rates and customer trust with Amazon A+ Content. 

What Is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a promotional feature that helps vendors and sellers optimize their product listings with rich text, video and images. Introduced in 2016 as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), A+ Content gives shoppers a clearer sense of who the seller is while giving brands a way to distinguish their listings from competitors with eye-catching images, comparison charts, HD videos and more. 

A+ Content appears below the fold on a selected product detail page. For vendors, it appears on the listing page under the title “From the Manufacturer,” whereas for sellers, it appears under “Product Description.”

Amazon offers two types of A+ Content:

Basic A+ Content

Basic A+ Content is free to all vendors and sellers. However, to be eligible for A+ Content, you must be registered as a professional seller and be the brand owner of the Amazon standard identification number (ASIN) you want to promote A+ Content on. 

Premium A+ Content (or A++ Content)

Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content, is an invite-only feature that gives brands access to 16 additional content modules, such as interactive images, slider galleries and video loops for an additional fee. This may include:

  • High-quality videos (720p) up to three minutes in length
  • HD product images and visuals available in seven different modules
  • Enriched FAQs 
  • Interactive experiences, including hotspot and carousel, which improve customer navigation with hoverable explanations and scrollability 
  • Mobile- and voice-friendly product pages that integrate with Amazon Alexa

While A++ Content can be a great option for large brands and feature-heavy products, A+ Content works well for the majority of ASINs.

Why Use Amazon A+ Content?

On Amazon, better content means better results. A+ Content helps:

  • Improve ad effectiveness. As a conversion tool, A+ Content enhances the impact of discovery tools like deals, ads and coupons, resulting in a two-pronged approach that boosts sales. 
  • Increase conversion. Enhanced content leads to greater credibility and trust from consumers, resulting in higher conversion rates and better customer experiences. 
  • Reduce returns and poor reviews. When customers know more about the product up front, they have the information to make more accurate buying decisions. This leads to more satisfactory experiences, improving reviews and reducing the need to return later on. 
  • Encourage repeat purchases. Developing recognition among customers over time requires consistent brand experiences. Incorporating rich brand elements helps tie all your online channels together to build customer loyalty, leading to repeat purchases and higher customer lifetime value. 
  • Go head-to-head with competition. Search pages and ads don’t always afford the opportunity to refute competitor claims or demonstrate top-tier benefits. A+ Content allows you to showcase comparisons in a table to directly address key product features and characteristics that multiple competitors may not have. 

What Are Best Practices for Amazon A+ Content?

A few key actions can help ensure your A+ Content captures consumers’ attention:

Make content skimmable.

Use compelling subheads to address important product features and short paragraphs that make it easy for shoppers to understand at a glance what they’ll gain from buying.

Combine text and images.

When describing a key feature or selling point, provide proof with an accompanying relevant image. It’s much easier for consumers to make buying decisions when they can see the value and quality of your products for themselves.

Highlight top-rated features.

Do your customers regularly rave about a particular feature? Is there something specific that leads them to repeat purchases? Regularly review your ratings and customer feedback to glean the most-appreciated product features and promote them to new prospective buyers. Just remember, quoting third parties is not allowed.

Keep content product-focused.

Amazon A+ Content is not the place to make subjective claims that your product is “the best” or “most popular.” Hone in on the top characteristics of your products and what attributes differentiate them from your competitors’ products. 

Tell your brand story with visuals.

Turn newcomers into brand advocates with visuals that showcase your company’s history, commitment, values and quality. It’s easy to include this information as text in regular product descriptions, but research shows shoppers are more compelled by visual examples. In fact, 88% of people now say high-quality product imagery is important. 

Provide seasonal tips and suggestions for extended use.

Use your Amazon A+ Content as a mini-inspiration board, showcasing new ways to use the product(s) outside its traditional purpose. This gives shoppers more reasons to buy, increasing conversions and trust in your brand to provide credible tips and ideas. 

How Can You Get Started With Amazon A+ Content?

More than half of all online shoppers now start their product searches on Amazon. That means optimizing product detail pages should be a key focus for every vendor. A+ Content is an easy and free way to provide a better buyer experience, increase customer engagement and ultimately increase your sales.

Not sure where to start?

Rithum’s Managed Services for Marketplaces team provides personalized guidance as you create and curate A+ Content for your listings. Our dedicated in-house experts act as an extension of your team, strategizing, optimizing, analyzing and resolving errors to make your listings pop. Plus, our expertise comes from 20+ years of experience and partnership with Amazon and other marketplaces. 

Download our full guide to Getting Started With Amazon A+ Content for more tips and visuals for enhancing your listings. Or, check out our Comprehensive Guide to Amazon for a step-by-step intro to the marketplace giant.