Do you ever find yourself wishing for an easier way to keep your prices competitive on Amazon?

Are your stock levels typically on target, or could you use more accurate inventory forecasts?

And when it comes to shipping, we don’t even need to ask: There will probably never be a time when you won’t want to speed up handling times or process orders faster.

Well, we have some exciting news for you. With our latest updates to the Rithum platform, you can do all of this — and more.

When you work in an industry that changes as rapidly as e-commerce, the status quo is never enough. Whether you list on one marketplace or dozens of different channels, it’s imperative to have access to advanced tools that let you optimize all of your marketing, selling and fulfilling. That’s why we’re constantly revisiting the biggest advantages of the Rithum platform to make them even better, and why we’re continually adding new features and enhancements.

In the latest Rithum feature roll-out, you’ll find some of our most advanced e-commerce tools yet. Below are the highlights, but sign up for our upcoming webinar to learn more about each feature:

Amazon Pricing Console

We created the Amazon Pricing Console so you can get all the ASIN-level data you need, plus Amazon repricing tools and calculators, in one streamlined location. You can use it to:

  • See the latest intel on your competitors
  • Get up-to-date data on your ASINs
  • Adjust minimums and maximums
  • Change repricer rules

Quickly see when your Amazon sales are up or down — be it day over day, week over week or month over month — and then use the new pricing calculator to see if you can afford to change your minimum prices. Our new console truly provides everything you need to compete on price, all on the same single screen. Learn More>>

Velocity Repricing

With Rithum Velocity Repricing, you can now have product prices adjusted automatically based on your goals — whether you want to extract more margin on fast-selling products or lower prices when sales are slow. This new feature eliminates the need to manually monitor inventory levels or scour sites for performance metrics and sales velocity data. It’s the most reliable method you can use to reduce spending on storage fees for underperforming products, and to earn more on each top-performing SKU. Learn More>>

Nielsen Product Availability for Manufacturing Brands

By adding Nielsen Product Availability to your Where to Buy Local solution, you can ensure consumers will always see the most up-to-date information on in-store retail stock. Thanks to our partnership with Nielsen, Rithum customers have access to the most accurate in-store inventory data available today.

Ideal for fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage and consumer packaged goods, Nielsen Product Availability makes it possible to ensure online-to-offline purchases any time the buying urge strikes. Learn More>>

Shipping Management Suite

With full API support and over 20 specialty features, our new-and-improved Shipping Management Suite streamlines all of your shipping processes — no matter how many marketplaces and distribution centers you use. Now, you can use advanced automation to make sure each order is sent using the fastest, most cost-effective shipping option available. Perfectly split, format and route orders based on what matters most to you, from shipping fees and speeds to product costs or other variables that impact your fulfillment processes. 

Rithum Fulfillment Services

Rithum Fulfillment Services keeps your connections to distributors or third-party logistics providers up-to-date at all times, without the need for IT or in-house expertise. It doesn’t matter how many times a distribution partner’s technology changes. Your orders will continue to go through, and you’ll remain ready for more sales. With this “always on” connectivity to product suppliers, you can route orders to the most cost-efficient distributor, compare costs across suppliers, keep inventory in sync and more. Learn More>>

Eager to get started right away? Check out the webinar, See What’s New at Rithum for E-Commerce in 2019, to see them in action and get tips you can use to make the most of each feature.

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