The connection between humans and horses spans millennia. Today’s equestrian gear, styles and accessories keep the tradition modern and fresh. Legacy Creek LLC (doing business as AJ Tack) has provided both English and Western riders with high-quality tack, apparel and even home décor since 2002. 

When father-daughter team Michael Farrell and Maddie Roeber purchased the business in May 2020, they recognized its digital presence could be expanded to fully compete across channels.

AJ Tack turned to Rithum to expand its product offering and break through the noise on Amazon, eBay and Google. 

Maximizing Listings Across Channels

Unlike other tack brands that specialize in either English or Western styles, AJ Tack offers equipment for both disciplines, making it essential to keep data clean and listings well managed. Prior to Farrell and Roeber taking over, the company was already using Rithum to sell on Amazon, Walmart and eBay, while another firm managed its Google Ads. 

But AJ Tack wanted the full benefit of Rithum’s multichannel commerce platform to grow its digital presence, capture more sales on Google and manage its broader range of listings. 

“There was a large learning curve, having to navigate the different platforms,” said Roeber. “A lot of our time was spent trying to get things cleaned up to list products or trying to determine what was wrong with a listing.”

AJ Tack assessed other e-commerce solutions, but found Rithum’s automated delivery of accurate product data and digital marketing expertise far surpassed competitors.

Managed Services Prompt Gains on Google and Amazon

Today, AJ Tack uses Rithum Managed Services for Marketplaces and Digital Marketing for more targeted digital marketing and diversified selling channels that put the company front and center in searches. Plus, AJ Tack works closely with a client strategy manager who focuses specifically on Google Ads. The expertise from Rithum allows AJ Tack to be more strategic and competitive by leveraging repricing solutions that automatically respond to shifts in demand. 

“Once we put the Repricer in place, we saw results from it almost immediately,” said Farrell.

Together, Rithum and AJ Tack set an ambitious goal to double website conversions year over year (YOY). To deliver, the company created Google Shopping campaigns that focused exclusively on key brands other retailers weren’t selling during the Q4 2021 holiday season. As a result, the brand exceeded expectations with a 44% YOY increase in conversions for Q4. This also led to a bump in revenue for the brand, which increased 85% during the same quarter.

Additionally, partnering with Managed Services allowed AJ Tack to more frequently capture the Buy Box on Amazon. With tailored channel expertise, AJ Tack was able to increase Amazon advertising sales by an incredible 236% YOY in Q4 2021, further boosting return on ad spend (ROAS) by 28%

Going forward, as demand changes, marketplace requirements evolve and listing errors pop up, Rithum is there to help troubleshoot and continue to put AJ Tack products in front of consumers across Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google. Now, the company has more time to focus on critical areas and plans for growth instead of managing tedious details of its multichannel campaigns. 

“If [retailers] are selling on multiple platforms and need easy, one-stop-shop support, Rithum is great,” said Roeber. 

Looking for digital marketing and advertising expertise you can count on? The Rithum Managed Services team offers personalized strategies and guidance, short-term consulting services and direct access to marketplace and digital marketing experts. Whether you’re just getting started with marketplaces or simply need a quick campaign tune-up, our Consulting Services experts have a project plan that can help. 

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