Recently, Amazon introduced new functionality for customer demographic reporting in Seller Central.  This added functionality allows sellers who own their brands and products to retrieve reporting information in Seller Central. This demographic reporting breaks down into sales metrics for qualifications such as customer age, income level, education level, and more. Currently, the reporting is only available for the US marketplace.

Please note that metrics shown in the demographics report do not, and are not meant to, compare exactly to overall product sales—customer demographics reporting only tracks products sold by your brand (i.e., when you own the Buy Box), and only picks up statistics at the product level once 100 or more orders have been placed for that product in a given time period.

If you don’t have an active Seller Central account, here’s a quick summary of the metrics available, taken from the help page for the demographics reporting in Seller Central.

*Sample demographics data view

The customer demographics report shows the aggregate breakdown of sales of an eligible brand owner’s ASINs by customer age, household income, education, gender, and marital status. The metrics provided for each of the demographic segments include:

  • the number of unique customers
  • percentage of total ordered product sales of unique customers
  • percentage of total ordered units based on ordered product sales
  • percentage of total ordered units

The information provided is reflective of the primary account holder of the account.

Aggregate customer demographics reporting is only available for sellers who participate in Amazon’s Brand Registry. If you’re a brand or seller that needs assistance getting set up in Brand Registry, or you’re looking for expert advice about how to use the new reporting as part of gaining additional insight into your marketplace or advertising program, please reach out to our team of ecommerce experts today.