The Situation

When The Golf Club first began to expand its online presence,  Rowsey admits that the journey was a complicated one.

“We needed to increase our profitability, and we didn’t have the right solution,” he explains. “We were working with an agency, but needed performance to be more geared toward profitability.”

Rowsey says he knew how important the right partnership would be to his company’s long-term success, and decided to set out in search of a new solution.

The Solution

Although it took some time to identify a partner capable of meeting The Golf Club’s needs and goals, Rowsey says his search was definitely worth the effort.

“I had looked around quite a bit for the right solution before my meeting with the Rithum team,” he says.

Shortly after selecting Rithum, The Golf Club notes it began to launch new strategies to get products in front of purchase-ready online shoppers. Specifically, the company confirms it turned to Rithum’s robust set of tools to help guide The Golf Club’s Google and Bing Shopping campaigns, with a focus on optimizing product content, targeting bidding, fine-tuning ads and more.

The Results

Rowsey says that working with Rithum has made a remarkable difference in The Golf Club’s growth.

“We measure success by business growth, profitability and customer satisfaction,” he says. “Rithum has helped us reach sales goals, and increase growth of the business.”

Case in point:  When lockdowns related to COVID-19 sent many consumers in search of golf products they could buy online, The Golf Club reports it was able to get its products front and center. As a result, The Golf Club notes that its online sales increased 71% during a three-month period from March to June compared to the same time a year before.

“Rithum was able to not only help us grow the business, but to also give us profitability,” Rowsey says.

During the same time period, year-over-year revenue increased 95%, and return on ad spend (ROAS) increased 20%, according to Rowsey

When asked if The Golf Club credits Rithum for those accomplishments, Rowsey doesn’t hesitate to answer with a resounding “yes.”

Location: Austin, TX
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