Rithum and Skai, a leader in digital marketing solutions, are partnering together to deliver an innovative retail media, analytics and advertising optimization offering. This collaboration will empower Rithum customers with Skai’s top-tier digital marketing technology alongside powerful new features such as share of voice, search term analysis, and AI-driven insights, enhancing our ability to deliver improved return on ad spend for your campaigns.

  • How do I grant Admin access to my Amazon Ads account?
    To change access controls, you must have admin access on your account. To change our existing users’ permissions: 

    • Log into sellercentral.amazon.com or vendorcentral.amazon.com 
    • Navigate to Account access & settings under the Administration menu. 
    • On the Users tab, find the user you would like to make changes to (please search for an email address with “aa_managed-us”) 
    • In the Actions column, select Change permission from the drop-down bar and choose “Admin” access for the user. 
      • For Amazon Seller Central, please assign all options to the Admin permission. 
      • For Amazon Vendor Central, please change Role and Permissions to “Yes” for these: “Financial reports”, “Operational reports”, “Managed Integrations (EDI/API)”, and “Digital reports”.  
    • Save your changes on the top right of the page.  


Please ensure that “Admin” access is maintained continuously. 


  • What is the purpose of admin access in connecting to Seller Central (SC)?
    • Admin access is necessary to establish the API connection with SC. This connection enables a two-way interaction, allowing Skai to download data from SC and make changes such as adjusting campaign budgets and keyword bids.
  • Does the API connection affect non-advertising modules in SC?
    • No, the API connection is specifically for the advertising aspects of SC. Skai does not modify any business reports or other non-advertising modules, except through the Selling Partner API, which provides read-only access to specific data points and reports.
  • Have there been any challenges with the API connection in other accounts?
    • No, using API connections is a standard and common practice in the industry, and no specific issues have been encountered with other accounts.
  • What type of data does Skai access besides campaign data?
    • If access is granted through the Selling Partner API, Skai also retrieves product attribute data, including metrics such as Total Ordered Revenue, TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale), and inventory metrics.
  • How do I benefit from this strategic partnership?
    With the support of Skai, Rithum enhances your access to shoppers across various new platforms, significantly broadening your market reach. Key benefits include: 

    • More ways to Increase Sales: new access to diverse shoppers, simplified strategy testing, and sales optimization. 
    • New tools to help Increase Share: tools and insights to measure, monitor, and optimize Share of Voice (SOV), enhancing market presence. 
    • Automation to drive Increased ROAS: automate cost-saving processes and efficiently allocate budgets, focusing on cost control to improve ROAS. 
  • What new features will my account benefit from? 
    • Search Term Analysis: we can quickly identify and reduce wasted spend on low-performing keywords. 
    • Trending Products: our team automatically receives alerts when products start trending, helping to ensure we never miss an opportunity. 
    • AI-Automated Activation and Optimization: we can enhance campaign performance through advanced AI-driven tools. 
    • Intent Driven Messaging: we can enable automatically generated ads that better align with consumer search intent. 
    • Attribution Forecasting: we can get ahead of data delays with estimated performance metrics for campaigns. 
  • As a Managed Service client, how will I be supported? 
    • In terms of your relationship with Rithum, it’s business as usual and you will continue to have the same contact. Our existing, hands-on support processes will remain in place. We will continue to provide you with attentive service to help maximize your growth and to streamline your operations. Our acclaimed Service Managers will continue to support your requests via the existing communication channels. 
  • What is my migration process and timeline? 
    • Your Service Manager or another member of our services team will share a launch plan and timeline focused around maintaining your existing media spend strategy. 
  • How will my existing marketing channels be affected? 
    • The migration of your existing marketing channels will be included in your launch plan. We’ve worked to ensure your existing strategy will be migrated seamlessly. 
  • Will there be new pricing or will I incur any new costs? 
    • No, the new Skai relationship will not result in any change to your existing pricing model. 
  • Will I need a new agreement with Skai? 
    • No, your existing agreement with Rithum remains the same. The service has been enhanced so you now have access to more features and tools as part of your existing service, but this does not require a contract change. 
  • What do I need to do? 
    • For Amazon, you’ll need to authorize your connection to Skai. See details here. 
  • What will happen to Rithum’s existing retail media platform 
    • Rithum’s platform will continue to be maintained as we focus on migrating clients to Skai. 
  • Will my marketplace listings, feeds, or other Rithum services be impacted? 
    • No, no additional services will be impacted.  
  • What marketing channels does Rithum now support with Skai?
    • See below



Channels Supported by Skai

Skai unifies fragmented retailer management across over 90+ retailers. Even more when you consider other publishers for Retail Medial like Pinterest, Meta, Google Shopping, etc.