Fashion, accessories and equipment for people who live sportively

Sprinter is a sports retailer which was established in 1995 and has 175 stores in Spain. It launched an e-Commerce site in 2012 and now has more than 200 brands online. Sprinter ranks number 2, in terms of traffic, in the Spanish e-commerce ecosystem.

Belonging to the ISRG group, the biggest multi-brand sports retailer in Iberia, who owns Sprinter as well as JD Sports, Sports Zone, and Size. Sprinter offers a wide range of sports products, footwear, textile, equipment, accessories, etc. Consumers are sure to find the item they need. Sprinter’s goal is to be a Spanish market leader in sports e-commerce.

Sprinter’s marketplace is a new addition to the e-commerce offerings, launched in the winter of 2019. Sellers on the marketplace will reap the rewards of Sprinter’s large customer base, as well as the consistent double-digit growth in new visitors. Sprinter offers a loyalty membership to its consumers. The loyalty club boasts a 15% conversion rate. They are the first sports-only focused e-commerce site in Spain. Sprinter’s main consumer base is made up of 60% Women and 40% Men,  age 25-45.

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