Enabling E-Commerce, Digital and Mobile Payments

Mercado Libre hosts the largest online commerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America. Our efforts are centered on enabling e-commerce, digital and mobile payments on behalf of our customers by delivering a suite of technology solutions across the complete value chain of commerce.

Through our online commerce platform and related services, we provide our users with robust online commerce and payment tools that not only contribute to the development of a large and growing e-commerce community in Latin America (a region with more than 635 million people and one of the fastest-growing internet penetration rates in the world), but also foster entrepreneurship and social mobility. Our main focus is to deliver compelling technological and commercial solutions that address the distinctive cultural and geographic challenges of operating an online commerce and payments platform in Latin America.

Our cross-border program allows our international sellers to access 18 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Peru, with a unified seller account. Our full ecosystem offers solutions in international payments and flexibility in international shipping options to maximize the reach of our seller base into Latin America.

Mercado Libre is looking to accelerate growth with Rithum’s innovative platform and business model by expanding the functionality of our e-commerce platform, improving our logistics infrastructure and continuing investment in financial technologies.

We are more than just a marketplace. We are an end-to-end solution, taking care of the sales experience from the moment you upload your catalog until the customer receives your products.

Boost your brand and products. Forget about language barriers.

Bring e-commerce to everyone and everywhere in LATAM.