The shopper journey is becoming increasingly complex, but full of opportunities. Paths to purchase may vary for every individual and every product, but there is one common touchpoint for 68% of shoppers: retail websites and apps.  More and more consumers go straight to a retail website when they want to purchase a product, and Criteo offers exclusive access to the largest global retail media inventory for marketers to reach shoppers at the point of sale.  Investing now in Retail Media with Criteo’s transparent network is the opportunity to capture the full potential of your e-commerce presence.

Rithum is a member of Criteo’s API partner program which grants Rithum access to Criteo’s global industry-leading retail media network and Criteo’s advanced retail media AI. Brands can seamlessly activate and manage executions directly in the Rithum platform with the added benefit of Rithum’s proprietary front-end technology. In a nutshell: 

  • Transparency
    Brands can connect the dots between their media investment and their point of sales performances. Build transparent reporting for each retail partner, up to product-level details. 
  • Flexibility
    Brands can choose from multiple bidding options and optimization models, as well as flexible attribution settings.
  • Control
    Brands can better control their spend and make sure that they run ads on the inventory they’re the most interested in while benefitting from product management tools and bid caps. 
  • 1st Party Data Targeting
    Power campaigns with deterministic retailer intent and purchase data that doesn’t rely on 3rd party cookies.