Accordance is an international VAT consultancy and compliance company. Getting VAT right is essential for international trade. We help businesses avoid fines and penalties, improve the cash-flow of expanding companies and ensure clients are VAT compliant by obtaining VAT registrations and handling VAT reporting.

We enable businesses to trade internationally by making it simpler to manage cross-border VAT. We work with a range of international FTSE 100 and Global 500 businesses to ensure VAT efficiency, as well as providing specialist VAT compliance services in the e-commerce and event sectors. We build bespoke VAT solutions for the businesses we work with to remove the burden of cross-border VAT.

Accordance’s team of International VAT Consultants and Compliance experts consist of highly experienced VAT professionals who are fluent in all the major European languages. Experienced VAT consultants specialising in cross-border transactions provide practical, commercially beneficial VAT assistance to companies across the EU and beyond – working across a range of industries and business sizes, from invoicing advice to ERP VAT coding projects. We offer a single point of contact for international VAT – our one-stop shop makes it easier for clients to manage their international position.