If you’re serious about saving money, it’s time to add the USPS and Stamps.com to your shipping mix. The USPS now offers lower rates, enhanced tracking and the most comprehensive delivery services in the U.S. And Stamps.com provides the technology to seamlessly access those rates and services with unprecedented ease, reliability and speed. With over 450,000 customers, Stamps.com has become the leading USPS postage provider in the country. How? By simplifying access to the lowest USPS shipping rates and the most popular USPS services. Whether you ship one package a day or 1000, from your garage or from a giant warehouse, Stamps.com has the tools to make your USPS® shipping process faster, more affordable and more efficient than ever before.

With Stamps.com, you can import all of your order data directly from Rithum and easily print pre-paid USPS shipping labels. Once your label is printed, the software will automatically post back Delivery Confirmation numbers and shipping data to your Rithum account. Other valuable e-commerce features include batch label printing, thermal printer support, hidden postage, custom packing slips, SCAN forms, insurance, return shipping labels, customs forms, discounted postage rates and much more! Best of all, Stamps.com is only $15.99 per month. Learn more at www.stamps.com/shipping.

Feature Highlights:

  • Manage and ship all of your orders from one interface. No more juggling orders from multiple channels.
  • Access all USPS® Mail Classes and Services. Postage discounts up to 63%
  • Save on package insurance! Up to 40% compared to USPS rates and faster claims
  • Batch shipping
  • Custom shipping labels in an instant
  • Process hundreds of orders per minute
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • Award-winning customer support

Other platforms supported:

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Yahoo, Sears.com, Rakuten.com Shopping