Shenzhen Proserall Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Located in Shenzhen, our management consulting company is a global company, which provide support for the transition of manufacturer brands, specialize in brand promotion of cross-border service.

Our company has accumulated years of experience in cross-border e-commerce industry, with advance technology, to quickly gained customers’ trust and favor. Our company composed by a team of returnees who speak multiple languages including English, German, Spanish and French; and is familiar with overseas finance, tax, legal-related problems, with advance market research methods, it can provide accurate insight about the overseas market, consumer habits and needs. Our company has professional branding skills and a wealth of experience in e-commerce management services; our featured brands are all the major products with excellent returns in the mainstream e-business selling channels; and our company’s team of instructors has gradually launched e-supplier and brand promotion programs that have a relatively high market share to train a number of cross-border e-suppliers.

Our company will not forget its original aim, which is to insist on helping high-quality manufacturer with smooth transition into high-quality brands that meet the overseas market and consumption habits; we are the only place to provide a complete set of services to help your company to transit your role “from factory to market”, which change how foreign brands monopolize the profits in the industry.