Everyone should have access to fresh, affordable and delicious food


Kroger customers expect a near-endless aisle product selection. By integrating a marketplace into its current ecosystem of offerings, Kroger can deliver the seamless customer experience that customers want. This marketplace will allow Kroger to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere.

Within its existing online experience, Kroger will provide a platform for offering products and services by third-party sellers to Kroger’s digital customers. Kroger is positioning its third-party sellers for success with:

  • 11 million customers shop with Kroger daily
  • Seamless shopping access for 100% of America
  • Access to a platform with millions of digital impressions daily
  • Captured transactions from 60 million households annually (one out of every two households in the US)
  • Curated, invitation-only approach which leverages Kroger’s strong reputation and promotes quality

Onboarding is straightforward and easy. Apply online, map your product catalog to Kroger’s marketplace, upload your images/descriptions, map prices and inventory quantities and finally map order processing flow.

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