Giving you peace of mind

Going global is not an easy task as there are many different things to consider. Value Added Tax is one the most common form of indirect tax out there, so chances are you will need to be able to navigate this minefield of VAT compliance at some stage. With Vatglobal and Rithum, you need not worry about the admin, penalties for non-compliance and overall hassle that comes with VAT. We have got it covered.

Enabling your global business

Vatglobal’s international VAT consulting and technology provide indirect tax compliance services to businesses all over the world. The business is a wholly owned subsidiary of the VAT IT Group, a global leader in providing international VAT services and technology solutions.
Our London based VAT compliance hub is supported by an extensive global network of offices and resource supporting in excess of 3,000 clients in over 70 countries. These clients range from small and medium- sized enterprises to large multi-national corporations, across a wide range of sectors. Responsible for managing multi-jurisdictional VAT and GST registrations, compliance and reporting, with expertise and ability to assist on tax matters in all jurisdictions around the world.

Making VAT compliance attractive

Rithum already makes an eCommerce customer’s life that much easier, why not include indirect tax compliance into that bucket of efficiency?

vsuite is our cloud-based technology platform to assist companies in dealing with their VAT compliance.
Built by leading VAT industry experts, software developers, designers, product specialists and compliance consultants. It is compiled of three core modules:

  1. vfile, an automated filing tool to help you prepare and submit your VAT returns, ECSLs and Intrastats in a more secure and efficient manner; combined with a next-generation workflow tool to help you track your VAT filing deadlines, with optional cloud-based file storage.
  2. vlearn, an innoVATive content portal to help you improve your VAT compliance knowledge and access important legislation and case law.
  3. vship, a tech-driven, international freight service that caters for a user’s individual needs. Managing the shipments is only the beginning: using Vatglobal and our network of partners, vship will help provide an end-to-end, outsourced solution including customs clearance, import VAT reclaim and tax compliance services as well.

Our internal structure is built for businesses like yours – check out for more information on selling into the EU.

Get VAT compliant now.