Tradebox is a Sage Certified desktop application, designed to integrate online marketplaces with Sage Instant or Sage 50 Accounts.

A certified and professional member of the Sage Developer Programme, the Tradebox software was originally conceived in April 2005 as a bespoke application for a single online retail business selling on eBay and struggling to cope with Sage data entry from the resulting sales. Today, over 1,100 UK online retailers subscribe and use the Tradebox software to manage, control and account for their online sales across multiple marketplaces and ecommerce websites.

Marketplace Integration

Connections to individual marketplaces are created in Tradebox through an easy to use interactive step through wizard.  The wizard guides the user through a series of pages, prompting for information on:

  • The marketplace to connect with
  • Download criteria
  • Which Sage Company to link with
  • Customer creation in Sage
  • Invoice/Order creation in Sage
  • Sales Receipt/Bank information in Sage
  • Synchronisation method and frequency
  • Currency of sales

Upon completion of the wizard a ‘connection’ is created in Tradebox which holds all of the configuration settings for this particular link. This can be amended or fine-tuned at any time. Each connection contains all of the mapping data for customers, products, shipping and payment types which form the relationship between the online data and the corresponding entries in Sage Accounts.

An ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, Tradebox can be rapidly installed and configured to integrate and download sales from all Rithum, as well as other platforms.


  • Create connections to multiple online marketplaces/ecommerce websites
  • Rapidly download completed sales
  • Create comprehensive invoices in Sage for each individual online order
  • Calculate VAT liability automatically based on products and shipping destination
  • Create and print invoices, picking & packing lists and dispatch notes
  • Create customers in Sage for each buyer or utilise a generic customer for each connection/marketplace.
  • Keep track of what has been picked, packed and shipped
  • Mark orders as dispatched on marketplace*
  • Map online SKU to Sage Product Records
  • Update and adjust stock levels in Sage
  • Upload Sage stock levels to marketplace*
  • Auto create Purchase Orders for designated ‘dropship’ items
  • Connect online ‘packaged’ products to BOM’s in Sage
  • Keep track of low running stock and supplier orders
  • Connect different marketplaces to individual Sage banks for easier reconciliation
  • Download marketplace fees into Sage
  • Analyse products, marketplaces and company turnover, purchases and profitability

* Not all marketplaces/websites have dispatch and upload abilities.

Pricing & Support

Tradebox is based on a recurring licence which includes access to free functionality upgrades and free technical support. Licences are based upon:

  • The version of Sage used (Instant or 50)
  • The number of marketplaces/ecommerce websites the user wishes to connect with.
  • The duration of the licence (annually or quarterly)

Pricing details can be found at


  • Sage Instant Accounts or Accounts Plus, v2009 onwards (UK Version Only)
  • Sage 50 Accounts, Accounts Plus or Accounts Professional, v2009 onwards (UK Version Only)