Support your entire order lifecycle, from confirmation of the order to delivery and beyond.


An efficient e-commerce fulfilment operation requires many software components that work well together to handle customer orders and deliver the right product at the right time while maximising profits for the retailers.

Tejas Software is a SaaS-based e-commerce fulfilment platform that provides modular but well-integrated components like order management, warehouse management and PO management.

While they all work together in harmony, they can also be implemented as standalone solutions working with offerings from other vendors. Tejas has deep roots in the fulfilment landscape and has helped scores of companies develop strategies for implementation, execution and ongoing support.

Tejas platform is unified with many leading solutions on the market, including but not limited to Rithum, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopify, ShipStation, Avalara, Vertex and many more.

With connected components it is easier to have up-to-date inventory information all along the chain. Unexpected out-of-stock situations or inaccurate inventory issues are all a thing of the past. Inventory is updated after every order is shipped, giving everyone full visibility.

Integration with Rithum means that this data is propagated to every marketplace where your products are listed.

Tejas Eco Diagram

Distributed Order Management

Tejas has a highly flexible and scalable distributed order management system (OMS) that was developed using our 15 years of experience implementing OMS at scores of companies big and small.

Social Warehouse Management

Warehouse operations determine a retailer’s ability to fulfill accurately and on time. Your cost to ship your orders should be highly competitive to justify managing your own warehouse operations. Otherwise scaling your operations is challenging. We consult with our customers to set up best practices, optimal design of a warehouse and processes to make operations as efficient as possible.

Social warehouse management connects to all the related applications to share inventory, shipping status and other information so everyone in the ecosystem is updated with the latest information.

Purchase Order Management

Purchasing requires good data from the sales side of the business to make appropriate decisions. For a retailer to successfully compete, it is essential that all parts of the business are working to complement each other.

Our purchase order manager looks at your sales data and seasonal weighting to see what you will need to order for the next cycle. Our system also considers vendor lead times, so you can order the right quantity at the right time.

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