Spartoo: Fashion from Head to Toe

The Spartoo adventure started in 2006 with three friends who loved shoes and the internet. The name came from a reference to the ancient leather sandals from the city of Sparta, one of the most powerful cities in ancient Greece. The founders creatively added two O’s, in a nod to some of the internet’s greatest successes, such as Google, Yahoo and Kelkoo. Their enthusiasm and unique project seduced their motivated teams, investors, brands and partners, who all came together for this legendary pioneering adventure.

The marketplace was fully launched in 2013 and currently operates within 18 EU countries: France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Belgium. Today, Spartoo represents 10 million monthly visits and 8 million active users per month.

The advantages of selling with Spartoo:

  • Customer service: Spartoo is responsible for first-level customer service in each country.
  • E-marketing: Spartoo has its own specialised marketers who look after the marketing of the products and the marketplace.
  • Spartoo security: If there is any case of fraud, Spartoo is responsible for its controls, associated risks and costs.
  • International market: Spartoo provides a large reach by enabling you to sell in up to 18 European countries through its marketplace.

Spartoo accepts products from the following categories: shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, beauty, decoration and lingerie.

Initial requirements to sell in Spartoo Marketplace include:

  • Minimum of 150 SKUs (with color variation, excluding stocks)
  • Delivery within five days maximum with tracking code
  • Delivery cost free or less than 5 € for buyers
  • Local return address or free returns with prepaid labels
  • HD Pictures in white or light monochrome background
  • Detailed descriptions in the language of the country of sales (preferred)
  • Use of Spartoo Delivery Slip (preferred)
  • EAN codes (recommended)

The marketplace contract is non-binding but requires a 30-day notice period before cancellation. Spartoo also proposes fulfilment options through its logistics branch.

Reach out to Spartoo and start your adventure!