Sell your overstock faster. Improve profitability.

In retail, margins fall fast. Holding onto stock for too long is costly. As products linger out of season, they are less desirable to consumers and difficult for retailers to clear.

Love the Sales is a marketplace that partners with retailers to optimise sell-through of current season inventory, preventing terminal stock.

Its proprietary AI helps sell your discounted stock faster to:

  • Clear inventory in season
  • See a higher margin and improve your profitability
  • Ensure sell-through via a dedicated channel

A smarter solution

Unlike other discount solutions, Love the Sales enables you to stay in control while you:

  • Eliminate tied-up stock — You do not need to allocate stock to Love the Sales or change the way you handle inventory.
  • Stop cannibalising full-price — Research shows when you continually promote discounts on your website you lower conversion by 25% and AOV by 37% as customers come to expect discounts.
  • Protect your brand — Keep your products out of deep discount outlets and messy stores.

Recover a higher margin

If you hold onto stock and it becomes terminal, it will lose its value quickly. Deep discount outlets typically only offer you between 10%-50% of the cost price to take these items off your hands — and that’s after you have paid for years of warehousing.

It’s time to stop accepting terminal stock and time to start clearing profitably in season.

Go from sign-up to selling in 24 hours.