Lionbridge Technologies is the largest translation firm in the world, ranked #1 by Common Sense Advisory in 2013. Lionbridge OnDemand open translation API has been developed uniquely for e-commerce businesses, and offers a variety of translation quality options and content types in order to meet company’s specific needs. Lionbridge OnDemand API has the ability to translate content using machine translation, human translation, or a combination of both in order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate translation possible.

Why Lionbridge?

  • Ecommerce led – top ecommerce marketplaces, platforms and merchants directly involved in the requirements development, deployment and testing
  • Open API– what your development team wants: RESTful, open, full sandbox, API keys on registration, dedicated support team
  • Complete – no need to write to multiple translation APIs – single API provides all translation quality options
  • Competitive pricing – for all translation options: machine translation, machine translation + post edit, human translation
  • Dependable – Largest company in translation with $500MM in revenue, only US public company, top 100 Forbes trusted