Easily turn browsing into buying with Google Shopping Actions

Shopping Actions integrated with Rithum Marketplaces, allows retailers to surface their products across different Google platforms, including Search, Google Express and the Google Assistant. It enables a frictionless shopping experience by using a shareable list, universal shopping cart, and instant checkout with saved payment credentials, allowing customers to easily turn browsing into buying. Check out the ever-growing list of merchants on Shopping Actions.

With billions of searches per day, Google is the first place U.S. shoppers go to discover or find a new retailer or brand. With Shopping Actions, they can instantly buy your products in the exact moment they’re searching for you on Google, shopping on Google Express, or using their voice with the Google Assistant.

Key benefits include:

  • New user reach and boost sales across surfaces: By surfacing their inventory on Search, Google Express and the Assistant, merchants will be able to reach new users and boost sales across platforms through a frictionless buying experience.
  • A personalised shopping cart and shopping list across Search, Express and Assistant for users to easily buy multiple merchant products and drive reordering.
  • Drive loyalty and repeat business through loyalty cards, making it easy for users to re-order and build baskets of your products based on purchase history and preferences on Google Express’.
  • A pay per sale model so merchants only get charged when a conversion happens.

Currently Shopping Actions is available for Shoppers in the US only. Non-US based merchants can participate as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Do local fulfillment in the US
  • Able to accept/disburse payments in the US (through a US bank account)
  • Adhere to the same category restrictions as in the US. Not available to following categories:
    • Pet Supplies
    • Customisable Goods
    • Vitamins, Pharmaceuticals and Supplements
    • Final Sale Items
    • Refurbished Goods
    • Pre-Order Items
    • Gifting
    • Automotive
    • Any category that violates PLA Policy (e.g., Alcohol, Firearms, etc.)
    • Meet the additional trust, safety and data quality checks run by the Shopping Actions team