Sell More, in New Markets with Borderless Order Fulfilment and Smart Logistics

Frisbo is Europe’s e-fulfilment solution with the widest coverage, matching online stores with a network of trusted fulfilment operators & smart logistics providers. Frisbo helps sellers get orders to their customers cheaper, faster, and easier, making e-commerce truly borderless.

Frisbo’s vision is developing a new global standard of algorithmic order processing that will serve the e-commerce industry, support retailers and improve customer experience, with an overall positive impact on warehousing and transport infrastructure.

How to benefit from Frisbo:

  • Shop integration: All of your sales channels sync up automatically in one fulfilment dashboard so you easily manage and track orders and stock in one place.
  • Inventory reception: Your products go from your supplier straight to their warehouse network, so all you see is orders heading out and profits coming in.
  • Inventory management: You keep tabs on your stock in one place and the availability of your products is updated in real-time so you can bring more in before you run out.
  • Customer invoicing: Invoices are issued in your company’s name so your customers get your full brand experience.
  • AWB issuing: You always have a live overview of where your orders are to share with your customers in real-time.
  • Pick & Pack: The moment orders are placed, trained warehouse staff are notified so they quickly pick the items for neat packing and safe dispatching.
  • Carrier relationship: Never bother with couriers. They handle everything for you, from negotiating rates to making sure every order gets to your customers.
  • Returns management: They also take care of re-circulating returned items back into the flow so nothing gets left behind on unaccounted for.
  • Customer support: Their team of actual humans is at hand to help you when you need assistance.

The partnership between Frisbo and Rithum can offer brands not only an automated fulfilment solution, but also the opportunity to expand sales, and access new markets at a scalable cost, without the need for prior area logistics knowledge.

Sell more with Frisbo! Contact them for more information.