The power of Digitec Galaxus AG

Partnering with Digitec Galaxus AG means joining forces with the most relevant and strongest player in the Swiss e-commerce market with experience since 2001. The online shops and together have monthly traffic of around 27 million visits. Digitec Galaxus AG is proud to have a very satisfied and enthusiastic customer base of over 4 million active users.


Digitec Galaxus

With its range of over 6 million products for pretty much everyone, Galaxus is Switzerland’s largest online retailer. Digitec is Switzerland’s leading platform for IT, telecom and consumer electronics. Both platforms provide informative, inspiring, independent content as well as an active community that shares information and helps each other out.

Galaxus – the ambitious player on the German market

As a subsidiary of Digitec Galaxus AG, the largest online retailer in Switzerland with more than CHF 2.74 billion in sales in 2023 (growth: 13.1%), Galaxus Deutschland GmbH has been live since 1 November 2018 and increased sales by 55.4% to 286 million EUR in 2023.

Galaxus is more than an online shop. It’s also an active community and a trade journal. The editorial team at Galaxus is independent, tests products with a critical eye and is honest about the result – good or not.