The Situation

Since its foray into online retail in 2011, Pushys had experienced solid growth via its online store and selling through eBay, partnering with Rithum Marketplaces. In 2013, the company identified further scope for growth, launching to Trade Me, turning again to Rithum to manage its listings. Flash forward a few years, and with Catch and Amazon entering the marketplace scene, Pushys knew it needed to expand its marketplace strategy.

“We strongly believe that people should be able to buy where they want to buy from, when they want to buy it, and how they want to buy,” says Glen Navratil, Director of Pushys. “We would rather be on most platforms with our offering in order to maintain our competitive edge.”

For Pushys, it was about expanding to multiple marketplaces with thousands of SKUs while ensuring the Pushys customer experience was on brand.

The Solution

After previously experiencing Rithum Marketplaces with eBay and Trade Me, Navratil knew that partnering with Rithum again as the company grew was the right strategy. “We have a lot of experience with Rithum and we knew the platform. We just knew that it would be the most effective way to manage our launch to other marketplaces,” Navratil says. “With Catch and Amazon coming in, we knew it would also be the most cost-effective way to expand.”

With years of marketplace experience under its belt, it also knows that it’s a quickly changing landscape. “We know that each marketplace has its own challenges and idiosyncrasies. Nothing stays the same with these guys for too long!” Navratil explains. The company needed a solution provider that could help it stay agile as the e-commerce market evolved.

The Results

One of the most immediate results Pushys saw was the ease of launching to the new marketplaces seamlessly. “The benefit was the ability to launch with the full catalogue in one go. The Rithum solution allowed us to list on Amazon and Catch with all our listings in a short period of time.” At the moment, Pushys has over 25,000 listings on eBay and almost 20,000 listings on Amazon Australia.

“Automation is key,” Navratil explains. “Everything we do has to be automated. With Rithum, we can see everything in one place and it integrates seamlessly with our back end ERP system. We were able to connect to every main marketplace, and then let the rest take care of itself while we focus on running the rest of the business.”

With the differences between each marketplace, Pushys knows that it isn’t a matter of just listing and hoping for the best. “Each platform has its limitations. Rithum helps us handle the differences between each marketplace while ensuring a seamless experience,” says Navratil. “For us, it means that we know everything works and we can always get great support. All updates and changes are dealt with really quickly.”

The multi-marketplace approach is working well for Pushys, with its eBay figures up 10-15% year-on-year and quick success on other marketplaces including Catch.

What’s Navratil’s advice to other retailers? “At the end of the day, if you have a large volume of listings or high number of orders you just have to use some sort of API connection. You can’t manage a business of this nature without a platform like Rithum.”

Location: Salisbury, QLD, Australia