The Situation

Florida-based PureFormulas has become a leader in the professional-grade supplement world. Founded in 2007, the e-retailer has been offering GMP-certified quality products, including dietary supplements, organic food, beauty products, sports nutrition supplements and pet products.

In its early years, PureFormulas saw successful search campaigns as vital to maintaining the company’s revenue growth and competitive edge. Initially, PureFormulas managed paid search advertising on its own, but the company’s time and resources allowed it to focus only on a limited subset of products and brands. These restraints caused PureFormulas to leave much of its catalog with limited or no coverage on search engines.

To increase the visibility of its products PureFormulas implemented Rithum Digital Marketing and quickly redefined its search engine marketing campaigns. The e-retailer understood that adding Facebook and Jet to its marketing mix could extend its reach to a core customer base.

“When we see an opportunity to sell on an emerging channel or marketplace, we try to get on board quickly,” said John Tsokos, Director of Emerging Channels at PureFormulas. “Making our products visible on Facebook and Jet seemed like a great way for us to get in front of our target demographic, each in their own way.”

The Solution

With Rithum Digital Marketing, PureFormulas began using Facebook dynamic product ads in July 2015. Facebook dynamic product ads allow PureFormulas to serve timely and relevant display and retargeting ads to users across desktop and mobile devices.

“Rithum has been excellent at creating ad structures, getting images into the feed and handling the technical aspects of Facebook dynamic product ads through its Data Transformation Engine,” said Tsokos. “We’ve developed a more focused and effective digital marketing strategy by targeting consumers on Facebook who have already visited our website and researched our products.”

PureFormulas hopes to strengthen its mobile advertising strategy using Facebook advertising. Tsokos explains, “We know mobile is here to stay. Therefore, we’re focused on our mobile conversion rates and ensuring that buying our products from a mobile device remains a clean process. Dynamic product ads are an important piece of the puzzle in growing our mobile traffic.”

After implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, PureFormulas used Rithum Marketplaces to ensure a broader reach in the digital space. When the marketplace was first announced, PureFormulas entered its beta program via Rithum.

“It was exciting to get involved on the ground level with a startup company like Jet. You have as much to do with their success as they do with yours,” said Tsokos. “Jet was hungry to get up and running, and that was exciting for us to see.”

Rithum’s Managed Services team and its relationship with Jet helped ensure a smooth and successful launch for PureFormulas on the new marketplace. “Our campaign manager was instrumental. Rithum set up monthly calls with a Jet point of contact, and they helped us develop a true partnership with them,” said Tsokos. “Our conversations with Jet were productive and helped us conform to their standards.”

The Results

PureFormulas has seen great results from taking a targeted approach to digital marketing through Facebook dynamic product ads.

“Facebook works well with our core audience, and we’re seeing great activity from showing consumers ads that cater to them,” said Tsokos. “The ads are doing well for us on a week-to-week basis, and we’re pleased with the rise they have generated in web traffic. We’re excited to build on this success.”

Additionally, after Jet made its public launch, PureFormulas saw immediate results. Upon launch, Jet competed with PureFormulas’ other channels for top revenue growth, and PureFormulas has seen a steady volume of sales from the marketplace ever since.

“The moment Jet opened its virtual doors to the general public, it was a zero-to-100 kind of acceleration,” said Tsokos. “The marketplace has added a nice bump to our overall online sales, and we’re pleased to be partners with Jet from a branding perspective. Jet offers consumers a well-rounded experience that focuses on top-notch service — just as we strive to offer our customers.”

Location: Florida, USA
Digital Marketing