The Situation

Finding the right keywords for Amazon Advertising campaigns can be an incredibly time-consuming, manual process. It’s not at all uncommon for marketing teams to be buried in bulk spreadsheets and imports for hours on end, week after week after week. Even in the midst of so many e-commerce advancements, many brands and retailers report this is one area where they still struggle to save time and ensure ROI. It’s hard enough to find the right keywords — let alone the negative ones that are important to avoid. Which is a real problem, since failing to account for negative keywords that won’t convert can lead to an astounding amount of wasted spend.

It all adds up to a mission-critical job that remains laborious for many, with mixed results for most. But as more sellers turn to keyword automation, the tides are beginning to turn.

The Solution

With Keyword Automation for Amazon Advertising, Rithum is helping to seamlessly transition sellers and vendors away from this tedious, time-consuming keyword selection process. In its place is an automated system for optimising keywords across all Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns and Sponsored Brands.

Here’s how it works:

Rithum’s integration uses automation rules that allow advertisers to optimise their campaigns based on the latest search query data. Sellers simply customise performance criteria to have the right keywords added automatically — along with negative targeting actions to ensure spend doesn’t run away on keywords that won’t convert. Rules can be easily created and assigned across Amazon Advertising types, and campaigns can be kept in check without the need for countless hours of hands-on evaluation.

It’s the easiest, fastest way to help maximise spend, increase ROI, and improve Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

“We see this as a huge win for those absolutely no-brainer scenarios that shouldn’t take up your time,” says Alison Held, Rithum senior product manager. “If you have a broad or phrase match keyword on your campaign, and if there are specific queries that are driving up spend with zero conversions over a period of time, I think we can all agree we don’t want to continue spending on that query.”

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