Listing on marketplaces is just the first step. Truly impressive results require an expert-led strategy around your product content, ads, and marketplace management.

What results could you be missing out on?

Rithum™ helps you grow your marketplace business to its full potential with automated repricing, competitor monitoring, strategic guidance, and more.

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Named #1 Channel Management provider to the Top 1000 Retailers by Digital Commerce 360 since 2013

Rithum helps you implement strategies to maximise your ad spend and boost visibility across channels like Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay and more. The best part? Manage everything from a single platform to maximise efficiency and profit.

Our connected commerce platform provides a holistic view of your brand across your entire selling network, allowing you to monitor product assortment, pricing, content, customer reviews and search performance in one place.

By consolidating your advertising and selling performance data in a single platform, we help you optimise your retail media campaigns, reprice more strategically and diversify to new channels smarter.

Why Rithum?

Longstanding expertise

With a team of e-commerce experts and 20+ years of industry experience, we help you make informed decisions about your business.

Proven technology

The Rithum™ platform streamlines and automates campaign creation, management, tracking and reporting – so you don’t have to.

Diverse partnerships

Our longstanding partners work directly with our experts to enable best-in-class strategies and provide early access to new programs and services.

Holistic approach

We leverage product and sales data across your selling and advertising campaigns to help maximise ROI and improve sales performance.

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