The challenge in e-commerce is finding the right audience, with the right product, at the right time. As the consumer journey becomes more fragmented, a purchase decision can be just a click away from a moment of inspiration. As a brand or retailer, being on the channels that matter, at that moment is key. 

We’ve asked a number of our experts here at Rithum to record their key insights on important topic areas in a series of handy videos. In the latest video, we speak to Gabriela Pons, one of our Client Strategy Managers, about optimising success on Zalando.

With over 40 million active customers featuring over 4 thousand brands and a presence in 23 countries, Zalando is an increasingly important marketplace for fashion brands . With such a large scale marketplace we look at the key factors to achieving success covered in the video below.

  1. Spend time on your listings

The growth and success of Zalando is largely predicated on its high standards of customer experience and journey. The marketplace works hard to ensure product listings are the best they can be for the user to make an informed purchase choice.

Gabriela recommends placing high importance on listing consistency across your products. Spend time ensuring you have reviewed your data, provided as much detail as possible and kept it consistent. Zalando manually reviews the data and builds your listings, you don’t have much control on the optimisation here so be sure to supply as much consistent data you have access to. Consider not just the usual product attributes but also additional information such as fit and the dress size of the model. This upfront effort will not only help increase visibility but could reduce your returns too.

  1. High-quality image selection is key

Appealing to those consumers who browse the images before the copy, good quality images and choice of image is imperative to increase conversion. Invest in standard formats, quality and also styling to make your brand stand out. Consider not just product images but also those on a model too. This in conjunction with the data provided will give you the best chance of success.

  1. Growing customer demand for sustainable products

One of Zalando’s key strategies for 2021 is not only making their own business model more sustainable but also showcasing sustainable products and brands. They are actively pushing suppliers for sustainable data in the listings in response to the growing number of customers searching for those key attributes.

  1. How hard is it to be competitive?

Zalando is a vast marketplace, keeping up with the competition can be hard. Our experts work with brands to ensure they appear in the very best listing positions. Watch our video to hear our team’s tips on increasing conversion rates, whether that be in the detail of the data or partaking in the Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) activities. 

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