This is the fourth blog in our weekly series on retail media advertising and focuses on best practices for advertising on eBay. Missed the first three blogs in this series? Read The Rise of Retail Media, Effective Advertising Strategies to Unlock for Retail Media Success and Best Practices for Advertising on Amazon.

Advertising on eBay

Amazon may be the biggest marketplace game in town, but it’s certainly not the only one. For many brands and retailers, eBay plays an equally important role in e-commerce strategies. 

Within this year, eBay has achieved: 

In other words, eBay continues to offer immense e-commerce potential for retailers. 

To ensure your products stand out on this fast-growing marketplace, the right advertising strategies are key.

Best Practices for Promoted Listings

Optimising your product listings is essential — but it won’t guarantee that your items get found. That’s where eBay Promoted Listings come in. These ads help ensure your products are seen by millions of active buyers as they’re browsing and can boost visibility by up to 36%. They’re available to Above Standard and Top Rated sellers with recent sales activity and work on a product-based bidding structure. Best of all: If you don’t sell, you don’t pay. You’re only charged when a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and purchases the item within 30 days. 

When getting started with Promoted Listings, several key tips can help you make the most of every campaign. 

Reflect on your goals. First, decide what you want to achieve. Then set up your campaigns to reflect those goals. Not sure how to begin? Try focusing on specific categories, price ranges or seasons to identify milestones in key areas for your brand. 

Optimise your content. Accurate content will help ensure your ads lead to actual sales and revenue. Competitive content, relevant keywords and crisp, clear photos with white or transparent backgrounds can go a long way in making your promoted listings stand out. 

Use recommendations. If you see listings flagged as “recommended” when launching a campaign, these can be a great place to start. Recommended listings tend to have a high potential of performing well based on the latest trends and buying behaviours.

Looking for more advertising advice? Rely on the eBay experts. 

The Rithum Managed Services team acts as an extension of your internal team and combines the strengths of our technology with our unmatched industry expertise. Our experts will strategise with you to customise an action plan for growth — whether that means maximising your presence on eBay or choosing the right mix of additional marketplaces for expansion. And thanks to our long-standing relationships with Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others, you’ll be first to know about new opportunities as they emerge. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

We’re nearly at the last stop of this journey in our in-depth review of retail media advertising. Stay tuned to learn more about Walmart advertising best practices next week.