In e-commerce, efficient shipping is essential for success. For Amazon selling partners in the United States and the United Kingdom, Rithum’s integration with Amazon Shipping allows Amazon selling partners to ship orders placed on Amazon, your own website, and other selling channels.  

Amazon Shipping allows you to spend less time managing orders, and more time growing your business. Benefits include: 

  • Online delivery and 24/7 tracking: Amazon Shipping provides online delivery and 24/7 tracking. Amazon’s warehouse-to-door tracking system provides you with real-time visibility. 
  • Pickup and delivery 7 days a week: Ground shipping delivery service is available 7 days a week backed by Amazon’s reliable and fast transportation network. The Amazon service for sellers offers delivery in two to five business days in the contiguous U.S. for orders placed on non-Amazon channels.  
  • Simple rates and hassle-free claims: Amazon Shipping simplifies the shipping process with straightforward rates. The service also offers hassle-free claims with most resolved in 24 hours. 
  • No residential fees or weekend delivery charges: There are no additional charges for residential deliveries or weekend deliveries, making it a cost-effective and transparent solution for sellers. 

How does Amazon Shipping work for sellers? 

To get started, you must have or create an account on and be registered to use Amazon Shipping. Once registered, Rithum customers can configure their Amazon Shipping account in the Rithum platform here. 

Purchase labels from Amazon Shipping through the Rithum platform. Amazon picks up the shipment from your warehouse or location and delivers the package to the buyer. 

Start your Amazon Shipping journey today.